1. Now you can earn commissions as a club owner every month.
  2. You will earn 50% of the Money Club commission in every round of the new club formed by you.
  3. With a minimum guarantee of ₹ 500 in total.



  1. This is a Limited Period Offer.
  2. Your commission will be paid to you after Money Club receives the commission in every round of bidding.
  3. The amount will be credited into your Money Club Vault which can be redeemed anytime into your bank account with no charges.
  4. If at the successful completion of all the rounds of that money club, your net commission earning is below ₹ 500, you will get a top up from The Money Club to make your total commissions earning equal to ₹ 500.
  5. This deal is applicable to very selected users only!

To form your own Money Club, download the Money Club app, click the below button:

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