” We believe in moving

the power of banking into

the hands of the consumer”

About the company

Money Clubs wants to make saving, investing and borrowing money  more efficient.

  • Evidently saving within a group is more efficient than doing it by yourself.
  • Each one of us has a social equity that is usually leveraged to borrow money quickly and efficiently in times of need and
  • if we have an option to park money where we make more returns than a fixed deposit wont we be interested?

The simplest way for anyone today is to be able to do this is on the mobile and on the move! So, MoneyClub is creating a mobile app that enables people to form closed and highly trusted clubs within which they can Save, Invest and borrow money more efficiently!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a platform where 1 million people can come together to form Money clubs with their trusted ones!

Money Clubs vision is to democratize community banking.

Over centuries, Rotating Savings and Credit associations (ROSCAs) have been used by demographics with a strong social fabric where (interest) groups come together to save, borrow and lend to each other. We believe that this is a strong institution where the credit risk lies with the user and, evidently, individual users are quite good at assessing the credit risk of their peers.
Money Club is formed with the vision to use technology to put the power of banking into the hands of trusted communities across the globe.

The Team You Can TRUST

Our team works wonders

Manuraj Jain

Founder and CEO

Manuraj is an engineer from IIT Kgp and an MBA from INSEAD, France. In his early days he worked for Schlumberger as an oilfield engineer in the US, Middle East and India. Later he joined a start-up, Intellecap in Mumbai and worked on strategy, research and capital structuring for MFIs in India. Post his MBA from INSEAD he founded Vinculum Capital Partners which is a Strategy and Capital advisory boutique specializing in small and medium enterprises ( from 50 crs to 300 crs in turnover).

Surajit Ray

Co-founder and CTO

Surajit is an engineer from IIT Kgp. He joined Schlumberger right out of college for 2 years, then worked at (Halliburton Logging Services) Asia Ltd. for 1 year, and later joined Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) as a research associate. While at JNU, he designed and developed a solution in Java for predictive analytics for toxicity of novel drug candidates and took part in other research projects. He has been a CTO for 3 other ecommerce startups, and founded Rareindianart and Aqpredict Solutions. He was the Chief Architect for Apollo Munich Health Insurance for 4 years.

Alok Nandan

Advisor on Product Management

Alok has over a decade of product management experience in blue chip companies and startups. He is an engineer from IIT KGP, MS and PHD from UCLA. After his PhD he joined Microsoft and worked for 7 years as a PM for Windows Azure in Seattle, Mountain View and Beijing.
He joined a fast growing startup in online video advertising called YuMe which went public on NYSE during his stint there. After YuMe he joined, TempoAI as a Director of Product Management. TempoAI was acquired by Salesforce as it tried to bolster the mobile productivity offerings.

Ramanna Sathyanarayana

Advisor on Product Engineering

Sathya has 20+ years of experience managing distributed teams developing software and applications at SAP. Sathya has extensive experience with low level system software, Database, High Availability and Disaster Recovery, Software Security, Distributed Computing, Performance and complex application software. Prior to joining SAP/Sybase, Sathya was developing Operating System components at Metabyte Inc. and Wipro Infotech Ltd.
Sathya has master’s degree in Computer Science from IIT Delhi, and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Mysore University

Vikrant Singh

Head of Operations

Vikrant is a bachelor of science and a truly creative person. He is the first point of contact with the customers. Handling customers’ queries and helping them become a part of the Money Club is his core role but one can also find him working on various other roles like that of a product manager. He is diligent, highly motivated and has an engaging and friendly personality.

How The App Works

Currently all the clubs are formed by the Money Club Team only. We take verified members in a club based on their profile and their transaction history on the platform.