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About the company

In 2016, Money Club starts with a vision to make saving, borrowing and lending money simpler and more efficient than the current options available to the users. The technology landscape has evolved significantly over the past few years and the power can now easily be moved into the hands of the end user. We think the time and the environment is just perfect for a product like Money Club.

The simplest way for anyone today is to be able to do things on the mobile, on the move! So, MoneyClub is beginning its journey by creating a mobile app that enables people to form closed community clubs within which they can save, lend and borrow money.

The founding team brings rich perspectives from the technology, product, finance and strategy backgrounds.

Money Clubs vision is to democratize community banking.

Over centuries, Rotating Savings and Credit associations (ROSCAs) have been used by demographics with a strong social fabric where (interest) groups come together to save, borrow and lend to each other. We believe that this is a strong institution where the credit risk lies with the user and, evidently, individual users are quite good at assessing the credit risk of their peers.
Money Club is formed with the vision to use technology to put the power of banking into the hands of trusted communities across the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a platform where 1 million people can come together to form Money clubs with their trusted ones!

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our team works wonders

Manuraj Jain

Founder and CEO

Manuraj is an engineer from IIT Kgp and an MBA from INSEAD, France. In his early days he worked for Schlumberger as an oilfield engineer in the US, Middle East and India. Later he joined a start-up, Intellecap in Mumbai and worked on strategy, research and capital structuring for MFIs in India. Post his MBA from INSEAD he founded Vinculum Capital Partners which is a Strategy and Capital advisory boutique specializing in small and medium enterprises ( from 50 crs to 300 crs in turnover).

Alok Nandan

Advisor on Product Management

Alok has over a decade of product management experience in blue chip companies and startups. He is an engineer from IIT KGP, MS and PHD from UCLA. After his PhD he joined Microsoft and worked for 7 years as a PM for Windows Azure in Seattle, Mountain View and Beijing.
He joined a fast growing startup in online video advertising called YuMe which went public on NYSE during his stint there. After YuMe he joined, TempoAI as a Director of Product Management. TempoAI was acquired by Salesforce as it tried to bolster the mobile productivity offerings.

Ramanna Sathyanarayana

Advisor on Product Engineering

Sathya has 20+ years of experience managing distributed teams developing software and applications at SAP. Sathya has extensive experience with low level system software, Database, High Availability and Disaster Recovery, Software Security, Distributed Computing, Performance and complex application software. Prior to joining SAP/Sybase, Sathya was developing Operating System components at Metabyte Inc. and Wipro Infotech Ltd.
Sathya has master’s degree in Computer Science from IIT Delhi, and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Mysore University

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Jessica Collins

Graphic Designer

Luke Smith

Web Developer

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