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About Money Club

The Money Club is a safe and secure mobile platform for Peer-to-Peer Chit fund or Committee. You can join a Money Club with other like-minded people from all over India and start saving or investing money here. In times of need, you can also borrow money which is multiples of what you have invested. Money Club provides you a group of verified members with whom you can pool up money.

  • 10k+

    No. of Groups/Clubs

  • 26k+

    No. of Subscribers

  • ₹292 M+

    Total amount pooled so far

  • 25% p.a.

    Average Interest earned

  • 1 Lakh+

    App downloads

How to Join a Money Club?

Step 1

Apply to a Money Club through the Money Club app

Step 2


Step 3

Get invited
to join a club

Apply here

The Money Club Mobile App

works in 4 simple steps

1. Accept the invitation

To the club that you are invited to

2.Pool In

Create the pool of money with your members and activate your club for bidding.

3.Bid in real time

Bid for the pooled (club) amount in real time on the app. The highest bidder wins the pooled amount.

4.Pick Money

Club members transfer funds directly into your bank account and your bid amount is shared among them.

How You Benefit

Get Bulk Money

Want to make big purchases? No need to save money for months,  or use credit cards.  Just get bulk money from money club today and pay back in installments later. At very low interest.

Sitting At Home

Get the money you need in your bank account while sitting at home. In fact, you will get your money wherever you are, even if you are travelling. All you need is your smartphone.

Without Any Paperwork

Normally, we need to do a lot of paperwork for all kinds of loans, especially bank loans. But with Money Club, no paperwork needed! Getting the lump sum you need is now very simple.

Happy & Satisfied Money Clubbers

Saved, Borrowed & Invested money in Money Clubs

Money Club gives me a great opportunity to help my friends when they need it the most

Padmesh Nair, 37VP Operations, Apollo Munich Health Insurance

I like the option to invest a part of my funds where there is a possibility of making good returns

Neel K, GM, 37Viridian Red

There have been times when I want to buy something for my house but I end up consuming my salary. Money Club gives me the option to meet my contingent needs

Harshit Jain, 28Engineer, Atkins

It think MoneyClub will give me the option to save up for that dress that I have been wanting to buy for ages

Nishtha, 25HR Manager, DPS

Why Choose Money Club Platform?

  • Paperless onboarding - Users go through 1 round of telephonic verification and basic KYC before joining any club.
  • Gamified chit funds - Subscribers proceed to higher amount clubs by building a good transaction history.
  • Best commission structures in the industry - Unlike the traditional chit funds, we have a variable commission structure which starts with 4% of the chit amount and goes down to as low as 0.5% based on the performance of the subscriber.
  • Best in class risk underwriting algorithms to prevent defaults - Our algorithms factor in all the transactional, demographic and verification data of the subscribers to assign the best suited clubs to them. 
  • High frequency chits - Unlike the traditional chit funds, we run daily, 3-days, weekly clubs as well which helps the subscribers to earn returns in a short tenure or borrow whenever they feel the need.
  • Trusted network of verified users - Each subscriber goes through 1 round of telephonic verification followed by KYC and background check before joining a club. Moreover, the subscribers proceed to higher clubs by building a good transaction history and this creates a network of disciplined and trusted verified users.

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