The Money Club app

can help you in 4 simple steps

1. Join Club

Join or create your money club with your trusted network 

2.Pool In

Create the pool of money with your members and activate your club for bidding.

3.Submit Bid

Bid for the pooled (club) amount depending on your current need. The highest bidder wins the pooled amount.

4.Pick Money

Club members transfer funds directly into your bank account and your bid amount is shared between them.


How you benefit


Happy & Satisfied Money Clubbers

Saved, Borrowed & Invested money in Money Clubs

Money Club gives me a great opportunity to help my friends when they need it the most

Padmesh Nair, 37VP Operations, Apollo Munich Health Insurance

I like the option to invest a part of my funds where there is a possibility of making good returns

Neel K, GM, 37Viridian Red

There have been times when I want to buy something for my house but I end up consuming my salary. Money Club gives me the option to meet my contingent needs

Harshit Jain, 28Engineer, Atkins

It think MoneyClub will give me the option to save up for that dress that I have been wanting to buy for ages

Nishtha, 25HR Manager, DPS

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